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Thread: Sunny Sunday

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    Sunny Sunday

    Good morning HCG. It has been a while sense I posted. We have spring weather today. Going to my wife's cousin's house for a birthday celebration. It has been a lot of years sense we got together that is was not at a funeral. My neighbor across the street was a avid wood worker and built one of the high voltage devices that burns/etches patterns in wood. Something happened while he was testing it and he got shocked to the point he was burned over 50% of his body. I saw the first responder, a police officer, arrive and ran over to see if I could be of help with first aid thinking Jim had gotten injured in a saw or joiner. He ask me to close up his shop to keep it safe. He did not survive but 4 days. I can't seem to shake the picture in my mind of the damage to the human body from 22,000 + volts and resulting burns can do. RIP Jim.
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    Hope you have a good day there Johnny.
    I never heard of a wood burner with 22,000 volts. Your poor neighbor. A painful way to go.

    I was sposed to got to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play. Well, we got a call this morning from my son's fiance that he was missing since last night. He was at a friend's house and they said they called him a Uber. So we just kept calling around. No one knew where he was. He wasn't answering his phone. We started thinking it might like them Happy Face killer things.
    Long long story short. He wandered away while waiting for the Uber. The cops found him with his head split open and blood everywhere. He don't remember anything but he must have fell and cracked his skull. The cops took him to the hospital. His fiance called around to the hospitals and found him. They had done a CAT scan on his brain and given him two staples in his head. Nobody called her or us and we didn't know where he was until a few hours of searching this morning.

    I told him not to drink anymore if he's prone to blackouts. He's lucky he didn't fall off an overpass or something. I told him to just smoke weed when he wants to get a buzz. He must have inherited a gene from my wife's family cuz none of them should be drinking neither. LOL
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