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Thread: Friday friday

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    Ba Geezes over 400 is a different ballgame. highest I ever got was 380ish

    I just spent 2 hours on the spine neutral machines to avoid injuries. I think my spine is stretching a bit which is great for me. All light weights full extension and breathing in slow motion like yoga. My joints are wasted soup to nuts
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    Ronnie Coleman used 800lb+ squats and deadlifts training for the Mr. Olympia back in his prime. Now he has to walk with crutches and is on continuous painkillers because of back injuries and surgeries. I think he must've basically wore out his discs in his vertebrae with all his training.
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    Most people even Colman trained beyond and through joint injury, not the smartest thing long term, even Frank Zane who had the most reasonable approach had shoulder issues. The problem with joint injury is ya only have to fuck up once over the thousands of times of doing it right. Add that to the attaude you have to have to lift heavy and your chances of injury are pretty great. Benching over 300 for me is high risk squatting or deadlifting over 400 is getting to high risk
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