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    Saturns day. Rainy here. We're having a big Easter gathering here tomorrow so I got a to do list to complete. Ima gonna go see my granddaughters too. They'll be here tomorrow but so will a everbody else and it'll be hectic.

    Today I'm a "gofer". LOL

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    Morning folks

    Was a good little catholic on good friday had Broccoli and cavatelli for dinner. Supper fart foods are my favorite LOL

    Sounds like fun WP I miss those big get togethers that were at my place back east but on the other hand I like hearing about them much more and less cleaning to do

    Were doing a passover thing this afternoon at the inlaws then Easter.... not sure yet I want to just chill out with the wife and dogs, maybe a walk at the beach or something
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    Good morning. My son and his wife are here for Easter. The grand kids are grown and staid home in Little Rock and Boston to do their own thing. My Daughter is due home from Kuwait tonight but I bet she will need tomorrow to recoup from a 24hr flight. As much as I enjoy the whole gang to be here it's not bad with instead of 17 all here at once. Every one have a great Easter.
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    Sitting on my ass watching UFC maybe do a back and biceps day later

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