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Thread: Monday work day

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    Monday work day


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    Good morning all. Just a run errands day for me. A fine day to ride to do my running around.
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    Morning all. I'm a bit tired from yesterday's family gathering. I did a lot. Lot's of food and drink. Today a bunch of the family is going to see the wedding venue for my son and his fiance's wedding. It's a castle somewhere in NH. My wife tells me yesterday and thinks I can just take a day off to go with them. LOL I need a little advance warning to clear my work schedule. But I'm in the doghouse anyway. Cuz I'm working. I told her to text me photos. Hey, someone has to work to pay for all these things.
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    MOrning folks

    Best on your first day back at work!!!!

    Trying to figure out what I was doing last week, I should write it down LOL
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