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Thread: Harley Sportster 48 2018

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    Cool Harley Sportster 48 2018

    As of Monday I will have my new sportster 48 it's new 2018 I can't wait to ride her! We live in Caribou Maine so my riding time here is short but it's still going to be a lot of fun.I have been riding for 40 years here.But this is my first Harley to ever have.I have a lot of part's to add to her once she gets here.It's killing me to see it still in the shop I am having them to do a few things to her then I will finish her here.It's all black for the most part.I will post pictures of her asap.My wife love a Harley but she hates loud pipes well she will have to live with it.Yes I'm getting old here will be 63 this year.But I look more like maybe 40 something lol.

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    Welcome! It sucks when the riding season is too short, believe me, I know.
    My Golf Swing is so bad, I look like a caveman killing his lunch.

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    My New Harley Davidson 48/1200

    These are the only picture I have at this time.
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    My 48 Special

    For the most part my 48 special is done.I do still want to add two more things on her.Oh and I am putting on a larger fuel tank on her as well.My fuel tank is in the shop for painting.
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