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Thread: Sunday Mama Sunday

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    Sunday Mama Sunday

    Good morning biker hordes. It's mother's day so if you got a mom tell her thanks for raising you up and being your mom. My mom passed a long time ago and I miss her. I realized after awhile that moms teach you a lot of stuff when you're knee high. They teach you manners and how to be a human. Like being potty trained. Saying please and 'thank you'. How to be respectful to other humans. Basically, moms teach you how to be civilized.

    This has nothing to do with mothers day but at first I thought it did. LOL

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    Morning all
    I watched some of the Indy race yesterday.
    Thank God that it rained and we got to see some real driving. Great race.

    Watching some of the F1 today, wider track today so a little less follow the leader.
    On the narrow tracks if you are aggressive the rules lean towards the butt hurt owners. Maybe we need to wet the tracks down before every race. I loved F1 in the 60s/70s/80s

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    Morning folks

    Happy Mothers day !!!

    Yes say that Indy car race yesterday Holy cow Pagenaud was possed, one of the better rides I seen in a long time. Last guy I say that good in the rain was Emerson Fittapaldi, he cou;d rain track it also
    Anyway yeah was rac pf the year for sure

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