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Thread: Hump day

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    Hump day

    Wake up all you lay-abouts
    Another day in the life of a manager
    Have some work to do to get my managers up to snuff and sone workers as well
    Whenever you take these jobs on you always inherit someone else's issues
    But that is why I am here
    I am up for the challenge

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    You still got it Nitram!

    I did cardio this morning and feel pretty good. I hurt my shoulder somehow so I'm laying off lifting weights until it calms down.
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    Morning folks

    I got no one to blame but myself Bummer LOL

    MIss the days of a team of 50 getting them all in sync
    .-/c-.,_ /

    "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere"

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