I recently removed my Primary on my '06 RK TC88 to change the drive belt and replace shaft seal. Noticed that the spring pack
was loose, so replaced. Tried to torque this per my manual which is 75ft-lbs +45 deg, but with breaker bar and 3 foot
pipe extension, couldn't get past 25 deg.

Have read that some earlier models had a bottoming out issue with this compensator nut and had recommended a shim
(p/n 24033-70) between the nut head and spring pack. Mine didn't have this shim originally, and is beyond the affected years of
service bulletin M-1170, so assuming Harley would have corrected this in '06 models.

I wrapped it up with a quart of Amsoil Primary fluid (which I have been previously using), but now have this whirring noise...
wondering if it loose. Just wondering if anyone else has had this tightening issue before I tear it apart and measure stackup clearance.

Thanks in advance....