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Thread: Happy Friday!

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    Happy Friday!

    We made it once again

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    It's friday! I'm on vacation in upstate NY on the finger lakes and don't know what day it is. LOL My daughter and son in law are with us and the three granddaughters. I'm going to need a vacation from vacation. LOL

    There's deer all over the place here. At dusk you have to be careful cuz they come out and are hard to see.

    I haven't seen a cop all week. There's long two lane roads cutting through farm country and everyone drives big trucks FAST! Maybe they know these roads like the back of their hands but they haul azz. A lot of these trucks are towing heavy loads. Farm equipment. Up and down hilly roads.
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    MOrning folks
    Ready for the weekend, damn cool here I see 48 on the hill "Big Bear" I still see some snow on the mountains. Mammoth stopped skiing july 30
    Strange season so far been cool here
    Going to do an oil change on the truck its due all 100 quarts or whatever it takes LOL
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